National Association of
         Bankruptcy Trustees


Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program (CARE)

NABT and its financial literacy committee are actively promoting the Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program (CARE) – a national financial literacy program where members of the bankruptcy community, including bankruptcy judges, trustees and attorneys teach personal financial responsibility and budgeting skills to students in their local high schools and colleges.  NABT supports and applauds those members of our bankruptcy community who have stepped into the CARE arena and are taking an active role in combating the crisis of spiraling consumer debt and its consequence, which continues to rise at an alarming rate among our nation’s youth. Trustees, as the independent fiduciaries of our bankruptcy system, see the consequences of overspending and credit card abuse everyday, and the crisis has spread to our nation’s youth at an alarming rate.  CARE provides the tools necessary for trustees and others in our bankruptcy community to join forces in preventing and overcoming this threat to the economic survival of our children.  We urge you join us in this important campaign.