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         Bankruptcy Trustees



Finding assets and paying creditors

Member Name:Gary Rainsdon


What year were you appointed as a chapter 7 trustee?

What did you do before you became chapter 7 trustee?
Commercial and agricultural banking, agricultural consulting, farming

How many cases are you typically assigned each year? 

How many people make up your staff?

What was your most memorable case in which you served?
liquidation of multiple parcels of real estate owned by the debtor and his alter ego.

What is the most interesting case you are working on at present?
dairy liquidation

What was the most interesting asset you discovered and liquidated?
undivided 1/2 interest in a landlocked parcel of ground near the beach in Washington.

What is the most difficult part of the chapter 7 job? 
decreasing value of assets, increasing cost of operation and no change in fees.

What is the most enjoyable part of being a chapter 7 trustee? 
Finding assets and paying creditors

If you were to give one piece of advice to a new trustee what would that be?
Many times it is what you don't see in the schedules, or see on the tax return, or hear at the creditor meeting, that turn out to be the keys to asset recovery. Look for what should be there but isn't. A man that shows up at the creditor meeting in a camo shirt but doesn't list any guns in his schedules.

Any suggestions on what NABT can do to help you in your practice?
Should be able to pool together to get a good rate on a legal search package.

What other areas or businesses are you involved with?
Small farmer - 400 acre farm raising alfalfa hay, corn, small grain, and cattle. Accredited agricultural consultant with American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

What are your hobbies?
grandchildren kids horses camping and hunting skiing